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اِولین باغچه بان، از بنیان گذاران اپرای ایران درگذشت

صبح روز یکشنبه ۹ آبان ۱۳۸۹ درحالی که تیم تلویزیون فارسی بی بی سی برای ساختن مستندی از زندگی اِولین باغچه بان به سمت منزلش درحرکت بود، ازخبر درگذشت این هنرمند شوکه شد.

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    • Residents of Syria's rebel-held Eastern Ghouta hit by rockets February 24, 2018
      Beleaguered civilians in Syria's rebel-held Eastern Ghouta say they are being assailed by a new kind of rocket that spreads potentially deadly fires, as human rights groups condemned international inaction over the crisis.
    • 15-year-old documents massacre with selfies February 21, 2018
      Like most teenagers, 15-year-old Muhammad Najem spends a lot of time posting selfie videos on social media. Unlike most teenagers, Najem makes his videos in Syria as airstrikes rain bombs onto his street and kill his friends.
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