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Saudi’s New Direction Towards an Open Global Islamic Authority

(The Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee, SAPRAC, Al Ansari): Saudi Arabia is taking a new approach in its relentless efforts to  combat strains of extremism that are continuously threatening local, regional and global stability. At the forefront of this effort is …

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Saudi’s New Direction Towards an Open Global Islamic Authority

Saudi’s New Direction Towards an Open Global Islamic Authority      It is no longer a secret that Saudi Arabia is undergoing a massive economic transformation. This transformation is so essential to Saudi Arabia’s security and stability, that it is …

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Hezbollah clashes with Israel

On Wednesday, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, claimed responsibility for an explosion of bombs planted by an Israeli military convoy in Lebanon that killed four Israeli soldiers. This is the first proclaimed act of violence from Hezbollah towards Israel …

Drone strikes stir up anger in Yemen

Over twenty highers-up involved in one of al-Qaeda’s franchise organizations, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) are purported to be hiding out in Yemen, AQAP’s main stronghold. In order to take out these individuals, who are viewed as a threat …

Pakistani-Indian peace process may be crumbling

Although newly instated Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has promised to attempt to heal the often-tattered relationship between Pakistan and India during his next term, urging the two nations to come together with a “clean heart,” a recent spurt of …

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Israel continues settlements while resuming talks

In a controversial move, Israel announced on Tuesday the approval of a plan to build 900 housing units in Palestinian-claimed East Jerusalem, in the wake of American Secretary of State John Kerry’s stated intent to resume Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Officials …

Al-Qaeda is back in Iraq

Many in the international community hoped that the troop surge implemented American Multi-National Force—Iraq commanding general David Petraeus would quiet the civil war roiling within Iraq. For a time, the surge was considered a success, and al-Qaeda’s influence within Iraq …

Saudis make arrests in wake of embassy closings

Today, the Saudi government arrested two men who were suspected of planning suicide attacks, according to their state-run news agency. Neither man was a Saudi national—one was from Chad, and had been deported from Saudi Arabia once already, and the …

The plight of female Syrian refugees

Over three-quarters of the refugees from the Syrian civil war—1.3 million people—are women or children. This is not an uncommon situation for refugee demographics; after all, while men are more likely to be the ones fighting—and getting killed—often the safest …

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